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Testimonials and Success Stories for
The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit




My readers are buying and selling cars in 33 countries worldwide... 

All over the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico), Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Brazil, Guam, Australia, New Zealand, India, England, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Congo, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Canada Mexico Domincan Republic Brazil Guam Australia New Zealan
India United Kingdom Ireland Iceland Norway Sweden France Spain
Italy Poland Morocco Niger Nigeria South Africa Congo Philippines
Sri Lanka Russia Czech Republic United Arab Emirates Bahrain Kuwait Slovakia The Bahamas

Unlike many websites where internet marketing "gurus" leave bogus testimonials on each others "guru" buddy websites about products they've never used... the testimonials and success stories below are from regular people just like you and me that applied a few things they learned from my information...and most knew little to nothing about cars when they started.

Disclaimer warning: If you like legalese, there are links to the usual boring Disclaimer, Terms, and FTC pages at the bottom of this website. The FTC requires U.S. based websites to state that testimonials and/or examples of money earned are not typical results. However, there are no "typical results" because buying and selling cars is like anything else in life that requires effort. Some follow directions and take action (like my readers below) and some don't.

Do nothing = Get nothing

Do something = Get something




$3000.00 Profit for Mike Thibaudeau from New Hampshire

"Hi Steve, I bought and sold a 1972 MG BGT. I bought the car for $3000.00.There was a little rust on the front quarter panel, so I paid $500 to have the whole bottom of the car painted and it came out great. I put it on ebay and had so many hits, one of which seemed like a scam. He asked what I would sell the car for, so I told him $6500.00 and he agreed to it. He came up and drove it home. I made a $3000.00 profit off of that one car!

Mike Thibaudeau, New Hampshire


Shad Daily, a 15 year long used car business veteran says...

"I've been in the car business for nearly 15 years and I still learned a lot from your book. The info saved a lot of headache, frustration and money. Thanks so much. We are surviving during this recession using some of the concepts I picked up out of your book. Very well written."

Shad Daily, USA


$500.00 & $1200.00 in profits for Mike Menzel from Oklahoma

"Hey steve it's mike. I'm on my 3rd car and I just buy and sell cars and then I sell them for $500.00 for more than I got em."

Mike Menzel, Oklahoma

Mike emailed later to tell me...

"Hey steve it's mike! Sold another Honda and made $1200.00 profit!!"

Mike Menzel, Oklahoma

$6650.00 in profits for Ken Tyler from El Cajon, California

"I just got The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know how I'm doing with buying and selling cars for profit. I bought an 81 turbo diesel Mercedes Benz station wagon for $625.00 (he was asking $1400.00). I sold it for $2000.00 (Profit: $1375.00) right away but realized after that I could have easily gotten about $5000.00 for it! I bought an 83 Fiat for $1400.00 (seller was asking $2000.00) and sold it for $3500.00 (Profit: $2100.00). I bought a Kia Sportage 4 X 4 for $2500.00 (seller was asking $4000.00) and sold it for $4100.00 (Profit: $1600.00). The latest was a 98 Jeep that I bought for $5500.00 and sold it the next day for $7900.00 (Profit: $2400.00). So that was a $6650.00 total profit in just a few weeks and it would have been more had I not sold the Mercedes wagon so cheap! Thanks very much for The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit.....its a great book that really opened my eye's to what I could do with this!"

Ken Tyler, El Cajon, California


$1302.00 in profits for Larry Myers, USAF

"A couple of months ago I bought a 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback for $350.00 that the seller needed gone "quickly" and it had a blown head gasket. I am very knowledgeable about cars, but don't want to work on them too in depth. I own a welding business and it's growing, but I want to do more. Anyway, I put a head gasket kit on the Honda, cleaned it up and sold it for $1800.00. Total investment was $498.00."  (Profit: $1302.00)

Larry Myers, USAF


£400 ($600 USD) in profits for Ayesha Hussian from England

"Just a quick email to let you know how I got on with my first car as promised. It was sold last week with a total profit of £400 (Approximately $600.00 USD) in my purse! I advertised the car in my local newspaper and the very first day the paper was out I received a phone call and within couple of hours I received cash in hand. This has definetely given me confidence boost. You take some credit for this sale of course as your continual advice and support has helped me tremendously."

Ayesha Hussian, England


$3000.00 in profits for Steve from Adelaide, South Australia

"Hello Steve, Your book really helped me in so many ways. I didn't know much about cars but your book allowed me to use my creativity to make profits out of it. I am still learning. So far, I made $3000.00 on my three attempts! Thank you!"

Steve, Pergentino, Adelaide, South Australia

$250.00 profit for Peter Jarocki from Australia

"I have been having fun using some of the techniques in your book The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit. On my first deal, I bought a rough running Corolla wagon for $250.00. Spent $50.00 on it and sold it on the first day advertised for $550.00. I made a $250.00 profit with only a few hours of work. I could have gotten more but wanted the cash for more deals. So I'm very happy with your book!"

Peter Jarocki, Australia

$4400.00 in profits for Jose Estevez from the U.S.A.

"Hi Stephen, I have been doing this buying and selling stuff for around 2 months now. I always try to keep the profits from $XXX.00 to $XXXX.00. The last car i bought was a mitsubitshi montero 1996, which cost me $2000.00 and sold for $XXXX.00. it was a pretty fast deal and i only detailed the car and fixed the A/C lines for $100. so i got around $2300.00 profits in less than a week. Thank You for your book."

Jose Estevez, USA

Jose emailed me later to tell me about another of his car deals...

"i just ended another great deal where I got about $1000.00 profit in about 3 days. I bought a 2000 suzuki vitara for $2,600.00, had it repainted for $250.00 with a friend of mine putted some gasoline into it $10 and sold it for $4000.00 without even posting an ad for a profit of $1140.00"

Jose Estevez, USA


$1850.00 profit for Peter McCaffery from British Columbia, Canada

"Hi Steve, thanks for the book, I read it twice and then went back to the chapter on killer deals. As a result of your advice I was able to buy a locally-owned 1992 Lexus in SHOWROOM condition (see attached photos) for $3900.00 CAN!!! I was going to sell this one but it's so nice, we are keeping it and selling my Mazda MX6 Mystere using your techniques. We have a local public weekly car auction with all the selling prices over the last year listed on their web site, so I'm going to attend it for a couple of weeks to get a better feel for prices and potential profits. Will keep you posted."

Peter McCaffery, British Columbia, Canada

Peter wrote me later to tell me about another car deal...

"Hi Stephen, of course you can use my email as an endorsement of your book and methodology. Largely because of your information, buying and selling cars looks like being my retirement project. I'm starting with cheap, small, student-oriented cars (we are a university town) but my eventual niche is likely to be luxury vehicles as it suits my style. By the way, just bought an Eagle Summit at auction for $900.00 and sold it for $2750.00 with only three hours work and getting a new exhaust manifold pipe installed. That was an $1850.00 profit. The buyer didn't even haggle."

Peter McCaffery, British Columbia, Canada


$1100.00 profit for Yevgeney from Michigan

"Thanks to Stephen, I got extreme motivation to go into car business. Right now I sell from a small village in the state of Michigan, where you will mostly find farms, lakes and endless woods. However, Stephen's model tought me how to make people drive to me because I have cars that they want. My price is right and my cars are right. I had people driving for 4 hours from Traverse City to purchase a car! One of my favorite deals was buying 1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT for $800.00 and selling it for $2000.00 in no time after investing only $100.00 into bushings. I made a profit of $1100.00 on that deal. So if I can do it from small village in Michigan, you can too!"

Yevgeney, Michigan


$1600.00 profit for Dan Collins from Alaska

"Steve, here's the breakdown... I found a Jeep Wrangler for $5250.00 and a Geo for $1500.00. I made $1600.00 on the Geo and sold it in 6 days. A nice set of tires and rims and a bike rack came with the Jeep and they should easily bring an extra $300.00. With the tires and rack, that's a total profit potential of $2200.00 on the Jeep."

Dan Collins, Alaska

Thrandur Arnthorsson from Iceland

"If you're interested in how to buy and sell cars for profit (or trucks), especially if you plan on making a profit doing so, I recommend you take a look at the e-book by Stephen Hobbs. I have already read the book and it shows in good clear language exactly how to make money buying and selling cars. I plan on doing a full review in my next newsletter. Even if you are only thinking about your next purchase, this book is sure to more than pay for itself."

Thrandur Arnthorsson, 4x4offroads.com Iceland

Pat from Temecula, California

"Great book, I couldn't stop reading it until I was finished. You did an outstanding job on it!!! I'll certainly be reading it over and over. Thanks."

Pat, Temecula, CA


$3053.00 in profits for Hector Boyar from Chicago

"Hello Steve, I got a story for you... I remember a part in your book about cars outside of apartments with For Sale signs! There was a 1999 black Dodge Stratus for $1500.00. The car had some minor issues and after some very brief negotiations they accepted my offer of $600.00. I sold it for $3200.00 six days later. Total costs to me $646.97. PROFIT $2553.00! I've used your info on other deals but this ones the most profitable. I found a 1989 Jeep Pioneer 183k (wow) for $1400.00 or best offer (they were even throwing in a full tank of gas). I figured wow thats a lot of miles, but the jeep was in very nice condition mechanically and the interior was very well kept. I offered $700.00, they countered with $900.00, I said $800.00 and keep the tank of gas. DEAL-DONE! I still think I over paid but three days later I sold it for $1300.00 CASH. $500.00 profit in three days--you cant beat that!"

Hector Boyar, Chicago


$350.00 profit for Steve Webb from Oregon

"Hey Steve! After reading your book, I found an under priced 1985 BMW 318i. Got them down to $1100.00 on a book value of more than $2000.00 and sold it for $1450.00. $350.00 easy money!"

Steve Webb, Oregon


$2430.00 in profits for Tony Falatico from Aurora, Illinois

"Stephen, Your book was a huge help in getting me started buying and selling cars. Shortly after ordering your book online I bought my first car for $2300.00 cash. It was a 2000 VW Jetta with 103K. I sold it in 2 days for $3750.00 cash. Profit $1450.00. No money invested only interior steam cleaning myself. Since then I have bought and sold 6 other cars with none of them costing over $3000.00. For example my latest car was a 2000 Honda civic hatch I bought for $2800.00. I sold it less than 24 hours later for $3800.00. Profit $980.00. I invested $20.00 in some hubcaps so I made just under a grand. I have never held a car longer than a week and never have invested over $50.00 in any car. How do I get these cars? People come to me. I simply pay $200.00-500.00 over what Carmax offers. My biggest problem is finding cars to buy. I try to stay with small economy cars, especially foreign ones. Thanks for all your help and hope this testimonial helps someone get started making money in this business."

Tony Falatico, Aurora, Illinois


$30,600.00 in profits for Nick Roy from Canada

"Hi! I have been reading your book for some time now, and that's when I started looking into cars (myself being a fanatic of cars). So one day I see this Audi S4 Avant, a 2004 with only 66,085 kilometers on it and it was for sale at $4400.00! So I bought the car and the next month I sold it for $35,000.00! I have made $30,600.00! And the best part, it won't stop! I keep finding the cars at such low prices! I must say, thanks to your advice I have been profitable since I started and growing better every day! I currently drive a Lamborghini Murcielago 2007 right now, never thought I would, life is great...especially at 25 years old! ;)"

Nick Roy, Canada

I wrote Nick back and asked him what he did for a living at his day job where he could afford to be buying Lamborghini's. And Nick replied immediately and said...

"Hey! What I do? Really is simple...I wait for a good deal instead of buying a lot of cars that make little profits. I mainly buy the kinda deals that gets me between $30,000.00 - $60,000.00 per car (also have my job, but it doesn't compare). So I search for 2-3 cars per years and I'm done. Some people are desperate to sell their cars. Right place right time mostly. And when the canadian dollar is strong like the past year and keeps on going...cars in USA are cheap."

Nick Roy, Canada

Nick wrote again later to tell me...

"Hey Stephen! It's me again! Just to tell you that I can not thank you enough for giving me courage to start buying and selling cars! Another success story: I just bought an Aston Martin Vanquish S for $42,000.00 and an Aston Martin DB9 for $26,500.00! When I'll sell them, it'll be over $200,000.00 in profits!!! I guess its just about getting the good deals! And by the way, can I confirm that we all can be rich by doing this? I should've done this sooner! Thanks again!"

Nick Roy, Canada

$1568.00 in profits for Sly H. from Arizona

"My most recent car was a 94 dodge shadow ES V6 with 160k on it. I bought it for $400.00 and sold it three days later for $800.00. A $400.00 profit! The guy who bought it was mechanically inclined and needed a cheap car to get him on his feet. He was excited about the car (it's nice when the buyers like the car a lot). Before that, I bought a 95 Chrysler LeBaron convertible with 98k miles for $850.00. The first person who looked at it bought it for $1800.00 for a profit of $792.00. I decided to buy your book as a reference, and for guidance. Its nice to have a resource like this available at any given time!"

Sly H. Arizona

And here is another profitable car deal that Sly shared with me later...

"Hey Stephen! I just bought and sold another car. Here are the details: 1993 pontiac grand am se total investment: $524.00 sold for: $XXX.00. Profit $376.00. Cheers!"

Sly H. Arizona


$1600.00 profit for Brad Connors from Canada

"Thanks for your quick response. I'm from Canada, bought a 98 Cavalier for $900.00 put $300.00 into it, Drove it around for fun for a few days. Advertised it Sunday night, sold it the next day for $2500.00 for a $1600.00 profit. I will be going to a dealer auction preview this afternoon, found a wholesaler per your ideas. Thanks!"

Brad Connors, Canada


David Moradi from British Columbia, Canada

"Hello Steve, Nice it worked and now i do not have any problem with it. I finished half of your materials. They are very interesting and friendly. Thank you and i really appreciate it that you respond very fast.

David Moradi, British Columbia, Canada


$1000.00 profit for Paul Whitfield from Australia

"I started this about 3 months ago, and I am buying damaged vehicles from the auctions and selling them again! the insight from your 'Lazy Way' has been a real blessing, Many Thanks!"

Paul Whitfield, Australia

Paul wrote back later to tell me...

"Dear Steve, I will be getting a thousand dollar profit on my purchase this week and it only took 1 hour!!! I did exactly what you said. You have inspired me so much that I can see a better lifestyle now as I have got a job 4 days a week with a friend, and wednesday and saturday are car days. So with the two combined I can make a thousand doing it easy. Thanks Heaps Mate, Blessings to you and your family."

Paul Whitfield, Australia


Andrew from Australia

"Thanks again Steve. All your advice is very appreciated. Great to hear you're bringing out new material soon. I'm really looking forward to it. Good on you Steve for writing this book. You've for sure helped many people earn income they wouldn't have otherwise made. A very good book, thanks heaps (a lot). Cheers!"

Andrew, Australia


Omar Lopez from Texas

"Hi Steve! I'm excited to read them and utilize the knowledge you share! You have provided me with excellent customer service to clear these issues and I am pleased. You're welcome to use me as reference in the future. Best wishes!"

Omar Lopez, Texas


Rich Peacock from Nevada

"Steve, you are one of the few guys on the internet who cares about his customers and continues to help them after the purchase of the original product."

Rich Peacock, Nevada


Chip from South Carolina

"Steve, Wow! I am really impressed. You never know who you are dealing with when you order from them for the first time. Although your eBooks were not what I was looking for, you are indeed a person and business that can be trusted. Please feel free to use me as a reference and I would recommend you to anyone."

Chip, South Carolina


Henry Ruby from San Diego

"Hi Steve, I really enjoy all your helpful newletters and hints. I do about one or two cars per month and its a challange and fun plus helps the pocket book. Have made some steady cash flow with the sale of my selected older cars. Part of my secret is that I stick with the cars I know and have a reliable low cost mechanic. Thanks again."

Henry Ruby, San Diego, California


Tommy Burns from Indiana

"Steve, thanks for your imput and honesty. I am not looking to get rich just to have some extra money in our families pocket. i have been working the same job for 20 years and we have 3 children one getting ready to go off to college so we will be needing this extra cash. I hope things are good and again thank you for your time and God Bless you and your family."

Tommy Burns, Indiana


Average profits of $500.00 to $700.00 for Mark Cornius from Maryland


Mark Cornius, Baltimore, Maryland


Jared Mitchell from Salt Lake, Utah

"Hi Steve, After reading your book I purchased a 97 Sable for $250.00. It needed new tires and a tune up. I put about $270.00 into it. I was offered $1100.00 but decided to keep it for my wife. Now we have a reliable car without another payment. Your book is awesome!"

Jared Mitchell, Salt Lake, Utah


Ron Miller from Florida

"I have really enjoyed your book. I appreciate the fact that you have clear examples and not just general information. I definitely got my moneys worth and I already have a 1997 Honda Accord that I'm working on too!"

Ron Miller, Florida


Derek Breerwood from Mississipi, USA

"Thanks Stephen. You deserve your success. Keep sending your ideas , love them."

Derek Breerwood, Mississipi, USA

Ben Witkowski from Oregon

"Hi Stephen, I finished reading the main book and really enjoyed it! Excellent material and it was entertaining as well. Its nice to know that there are still some decent human beings out there that are interested in communicating their discoveries to the world instead of just trying to rip people off...Thank You."

Ben Witkowski, Oregon



Duane Jordan from North Carolina

"Stephen, Just thought I would share this. With gases prices increasing daily, everyone is looking for more economical means of transportation. I myself drive a GMC Yukon, and have a Dodge Ram for work. Neither one get better than 12-14 mpg around town. I started looking at ads last week on our local autotrader website. I found a 1993 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Truck for sale. The ad said it needed the motor rebuilt and windshield but was otherwise in good shape. After interrogating the seller, he told me that he had owned it since '99 and started listing all the new parts he had replaced recently. It had a knock in the motor he said and was leaking oil. It needs a new motor he said. Asking price $1200.00. I went out to look and after examining the truck, outside of the problems he mentioned, the truck was in great shape! Even had a new set of roadhugger white letters on it! Luckily, I happen to be mechanically inclined and know a little about cars. When we first cranked the truck, it was not knocking. He kept turning it off and recranking to try to reproduce the knocking. Finally on the fourth try, it start knocking. He said see, it has a thrown or bent rod. I knew this was not the case and it was simply a lifter out of adjustment. He said that it had been over heating as well, and he had just replaced the radiator, water pump and thermostat. What he did not replace was the fan cowl which was missing. After some negotiation, we agreed on a cash price of $550.00. By the way, the windshield was a simple small crack on the drivers side down low that did not obstruct the driver's view. I got the truck home, spent about $140.00 on it and it purrs like a kitten. No oil leaks, no overheating and no knocking. Now I have an economical truck to run around in. In comparison, this truck would easily sell for $2000.00 to $2500.00 bucks especially because it gets 22 to 25 mpg! I'll get some use out of it and sell it when gas prices go back down (if they ever do). Motto: Don't overlook the little gems in the rough just because of the description. He said he had only one other call on it in 30 days and that guy never showed up. It's rare to find them like this, but the guy was not very knowledgeable about cars and happen to be too honest for his own good! Feel free to use this if you need some content! Take care."

Duane Jordan, North Carolina


Aaron B. from Georgia

"Thank you! Your ebook is really informative for a person like me who has no idea how this business works. I really learned a lot!"

Aaron B., Georgia


Travis Haith from Virginia

"I just wanted to say THANKS and I can't believe I never thought of buying and selling cars before!"

Travis Haith, Virginia


$600.00 profit for Chris Killeen from Texas

"Well, I received your book on buying and selling cars and couldn't take my eyes out of it. I read it from cover to cover the same night I received it! I went out and purchased a 1988 Mazda 323 for $200.00 and I made a profit of $600.00! I highly recommend this book!"

Chris Worth, Killeen, Texas


Katherine Nguyen from California

"You sure are quick at responding. I like that. Great customer service. Thanks so much!"

Katherine Nguyen, California


Irvin Gertner from New Jersey

"I started reading last night at 11PM. This is definitely do-able. I'm already scoping the ads for cars to buy and sell. Thanks again!"

Irvin Gertner, New Jersey


Pierre Grenier from Florida

"That was great RAPID service...thank you and will begin reading first thing in the A.M. Can't wait to get started. Thanks again!"

Pierre Grenier, Florida


Luc Duvain, U.S. Army

"I got everything Stephen. Your book The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit is a great information product and you were very accommodating to the problem I was having. It was my fault to begin with. Thank you and God bless you!!! Say a prayer for us soldiers if you would, lots happening in the army these days."

Luc Duvain, U.S. Army


Christopher Bryant from Winston, Georgia

"Thanks for your help I was able to get into the information that I needed. I've read half of your book already so far I love it."

Christopher Bryant, Winston, Georgia


Tommy Burns from Indiana

"Steve, thanks for your imput and honesty. I am not looking to get rich just to have some extra money in our families pocket; i have working the same job for 20 years and we have 3 children one getting ready to go off to college so we will be needing this extra cash. I hope things are good and again thank you for your time and God Bless you and your family."

Tommy Burns, Indiana


MJ Taylor from Georgia

"...because you and your book were the main reasons that lead me to take the steps towards full independence, and I thank you greatfully."

MJ Taylor, Georgia


Allen Garen from St. Petersburg, Florida

"It was not easy to put down your street smart car profits book. Thank you."

Allen Garen, St. Petersburg, Florida


Lee S. from Arizona

"Hi Stephen, Absolutely you can use the story and you can also include Lee from Arizona. I think others should hear about it, It'll get them thinking about all the possibilities in buying and selling cars; It did for me. You have written a great book by the way, thank you for all the inside info."

Lee S., Arizona


Scott Smith from Michigan

"Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate your advise and I'm sure you have just saved me a ton of time and money! I wish I would have had your book 10 years ago when I first attempted to buy and sell cars for profit. I would not have made costly mistakes and got discouraged. Your book was extremely easy to read and very clear and to the point. I read it twice as you suggested. I will recommend it to anyone that is interested in this type of business. I've already picked up a little compact car that looks sharp and will be easy to turn over quickly. If you like, I will write you and tell you how the deal comes out. As I gain experience, I plan on possibly leaving my current job to do this full time. Thank you."

Scott Smith, Michigan


Mike Carney from Dayton, Ohio

"I recently received 'The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit' and I felt your presentation regarding was EXCELLENT!"

Mike Carney, Dayton, Ohio


Al Smith from North Carolina

"Got everything squared away and am very pleased with the contents! Thanks for bearing with me and my computer ineptness, and helping resolve a couple of problems. Thanks again!"

Al Smith, North Carolina


Harry Deffenbaugh from Texas

"Thank You for your immediate reply and for the complimentary ebook (I was surprised), and for your quick responses today. I am looking forward to following your guidance and making some money."

Harry Deffenbaugh, Texas Gulf Coast


Christopher Bryant from Winston, Georgia

"Thanks for your help! I've read half of your book already and I love it!"

Christopher Bryant, Winston, Georgia


Dave Jokinen from Colorado

"I just purchased the The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit and it really has some great advice. So far I have been checking for a car to buy (got the book a few days ago). This book has definitely given me the advice I needed for what to look for and where. I have found 2 good prospects after checking about 50 ads. I plan to buy one of these 2 cars thanks to the advice from this book."

Dave Jokinen, Colorado


Jesse Davis from Mississippi

"Steve, Honestly, I have not bought one single car with your program. However, I have used several ideas from your course in my current business, which is Real Estate. I set out with full intentions to start buying and selling cars but when I applied some of your techniques in advertising to get buyers and to find deals in Real Estate they worked so good I have not had time to buy any cars. I have made thousands of dollars over the past few months with just a couple techniques I learned in your book that I have applied to this business. So in short, if I can use your techniques to buy and sell real estate then buying and selling cars should be a no brainer. I truly think you can use your information to teach people to buy and sell whatever they want. Thanks a bunch!"

Jesse Davis, Mississippi


Peter Kay from New South Wales, Australia

"Hi Stephen, I used the information that you provided in 'The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit' Since reading this material, I have made good pocket money selling cars through this last year."

Peter Kay, New South Wales, Australia


Arvis Davis from Virginia

"Hi, My name is Arvis from Richmond, Virginia. Cars is my second business. I`m fixing them in my free time. I do it for a long time. But when I got 'The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit', I start think different, got a view from different angle. I found a purpose of that work- it`s a profit, big or small, but profit. Before I had difficulties to sell a car, especialy with some hard to fix problem, now I know how to behave. And I start to buy a cars what people mostly need, not those, what just I like. I`ve teached this my friends too. Now we doing better business. Thank you!"

Arvis, Richmond, Virginia