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Buy And Sell Cars From a Gas Station Lot And Become a Millionaire Like Bob


You can buy and sell cars from a gas station lot and make big money like Bob! I became aware of this unique method for buying and selling cars for profit from my brother in-law Mike.

Mike’s brother Bob has owned a gas station in Pennsylvania for years (but you don’t need to own a gas station) and one day Bob got the idea that he might try to make some extra money from buying a used car and then reselling it later for a profit right from the lot of his gas station.

So Bob bought an old car and fixed it up and parked it on his gas station lot with a big ‘For Sale’ sign on it.

POOF…he sold that car in no time!

“Hmmm, I wonder if this would work again?” he thought.

Then Bob went out and bought another car…and sold that one for a profit too! Now he started thinking that maybe he had the beginnings of a profitable part-time business...and he did, because Bob has been buying and selling cars from his gas station lot for the last twenty years.

I need to get an update from my brother in-law Mike, but he told me that Bob made a point of saving all the profits he made from buying and selling cars...and quite a few years ago those profits exceeded a MILLION DOLLARS! No kidding!

Can you see that to buy and sell cars from a gas station lot can be extremely profitable?

"But what if you don’t own a gas station?"

Then make a proposition with someone that does and cut them in on the profits. You would get a highly visible place to park and sell your cars from and the owner of the lot would be able to turn a small portion of their parking lot into an automatic profit machine for themselves.

Actually, you don’t need to limit yourself to buy and sell cars from JUST a gas station lot either. No way.

What if you were to do the same thing from the parking lot of a small convenience store…or carpet/flooring store…or tire store…or a million other small independently owned retail locations with highly visible parking lots where the owners wouldn’t mind making extra money?

“Why would anyone be interested in doing business with me?”

Because, like you, they are in business to MAKE MONEY, and if anyone needs to monetize every square inch of their business, then it’s the owner of a dirt world retail business with the tons of overhead on their shoulders!

Besides, the worst thing they can say is “No thanks, I’m not interested.” fine, then go ahead and ask them if they know any other business owners with parking lots outside their businesses that might be interested. Then call that referral and tell them that ol Joe at Joe Blows Tire Store referred you.

Can you see the incredible money making potential available if YOU were to buy and sell cars from a gas station lot…or any other business with a highly visible parking lot? "Oh this is way too simple" you might say. You're right...it is simple...now go do it!

UPDATE: My brother in-law Mikes brother Bob passed away in 2011.