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I strongly feel that if information is being gathered about you, then you have every right to know that is happening. does NOT collect information on its website visitors such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, or email addresses – unless you specifically give that information. does NOT sell, rent or share email addresses (or any other information you volunteer) to anyone else.

My order processors do NOT sell, rent or share your information either. I use two of the largest and most secure online order processing sites in the world (Paypal and Clickbank).

Your order is more secure when ordering through my site then it is when ordering anything via the telephone or any offline merchant that has possession of your credit card number, such as restaurants, etc. All order processing is done by robots and at no point during the processing of your order am I ever in possession of your credit card information.

The only details my order processor reveals to me about you are: your name, what you purchased, your email address, and the state and/or country you live in. My order processors NEVER reveal your credit card number, your address or your phone number to me or anyone else – and I will NEVER sell, rent or give your email address to anyone.


Stephen Hobbs

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